Shark Teeth

All teeth sold on this page are fossilized. No sharks were harmed - we only sell humane shark teeth!

Fossilized shark teeth are up to 300 million years old! Please keep this in mind when purchasing. We sell our shark teeth per 100 pieces, and although we will try our best to pick out the perfect teeth for you, some will be chipped given the physical age.  While teeth from living sharks are white, fossil teeth may vary in color according to the mineral content of the soil in which they were preserved.

Teeth come from species which are extinct as well as those whose descendants inhabit today's seas. A shark may produce 24,000 teeth in it's lifetime. These prehistoric shark teeth come from ancient seabeds, now exposed by currents and other conditions in the Gulf of Mexico on the Florida coast of the USA. The Moroccan teeth are unearthed during phosphate mining in the Moroccan desert.

The Florida / North American shark teeth are a dark gray color, while the Moroccan shark teeth are a pale off-white. Our shark teeth are sold wire-wrapped for jewelry, or loose for educational play or collecting.
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