Multi-Strand Leather Bracelets

Posted by Emily on 12/18/2020 to Samples and Ideas
Multi-Strand Leather Bracelets
Multi-strand leather bracelets like these are a perennial best seller for jewelry brands across the world. They look impressive yet are straight-forward to put together - a winning combo for any jewelry designer!

The simple formula for a multi-strand leather bracelet:
1 big clasp + however many strands of small round leather can be stuffed into that clasp + optional slider beads

Using Round Clasps

8 or 10mm round clasps, like those used for Kumihimo, are a great base for a thick bracelet. The Regaliz clasps work similarly, with a 10x6 opening you can fit a lot of leather!


Using Flat Clasps

Clasps 10mm flat and up will create a more spread out looking bracelet. The leather is glued in a straight line instead of "stuffed" into the opening. For example, the opening of a 20x2mm clasp can hold 9-10 strands of 2mm leather. A wider 20x3 opening can hold about 6 strands of 3mm leather. 


Give it a Twist

Bracelets made using multiple strands of small leather can be twisted, braided, knotted, and woven through beads to give a unique design. Cut your leather longer than your usual bracelet size, and have fun playing with it! When we make samples like this, we never have a clear end in mind. We just start moving the leather around and see where it takes us :) Remember, everything can be undone and redone... until you glue it!




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Date: 5/3/2021
want to make these 3 styles can u help me

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