DIY Double Link Necklace & Bracelet Set

Posted by Kristin on 6/8/2018 to DIY Tutorials
DIY Double Link Necklace & Bracelet Set
We do not sell these beads. We used beads from our personal collection to make this design. Use any bead of your choice! We like the combination of matte gold, burnt orange, and beige.

Assembling the Necklace

Cut two 9 inch strands of CH-179 Matte Gold Double Link Chain

Take flat nose pliers and attach each piece of chain to a 8mm matte gold jump ring (view picture of jump ring right above the tassel)

On the opposite end of the chain use flat nose pliers to attach the large Lobster Clasp with one 8mm jump ring

Attach one 8mm jump ring on the second piece of chain

For Bead & Chain Tassel

Use 24 gauge headpins to make bead dangles

Add beads to headpin and use round nose pliers to create loop and secure

Cut one 5 inch piece of CH- 103 Hammered Washer Chain

Attach your bead dangles randomly to the Hammered Washer Chain using 8mm Jump Rings using flat nose pliers

I attached 1 bead dangle to every third washer

 Lay the washer chain out

Grab a washer (6-8th washer in) 

Attach to your 8mm jump ring & double link chain

The washer chain is an open link so you can open this and attach to the jump ring

Assembling the Bracelet 

This will make a 7 inch bracelet

Cut 6.5 Inches of Ch-179 Matte Gold Double Link Chain

Cut 6.5 Inches Matte Gold Hammered Washer Chain

Attach both chains to an 8mm jump ring

Attach large lobster clasp

Use 24 gauge headpins and beads of your choice to make accent dangle with round nose pliers

Attach to 8mm jump ring with flat nose pliers

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