Magnetic Half-Cuff Bracelets
One of our customers' most popular bracelet designs features the magnetic half-circle clasps. We offer this sleek component in multiple sizes. It makes an excellent wrap bracelet, with a smooth metal clasp curved to sit on half the wrist and leather wrapping around the rest. It is a glue-in clasp, which means creating this staple bracelet is a breeze!

These magnets are now mechanically-inset, meaning they will NOT fall out. The original version of these clasps did occasionally lose the magnets but that has been remedied since 2018.

5mm Flat Half-Circle Magnetic Clasp with Leather - Make a wrap or a single bangle


10mm Flat Half-Circle Magnetic Clasp with Leather - Try using 2 strands of complimentary 5mm flat leather!

4mm Round Twisted Rope - The closure on this one is practically invisible!

5mm Round Embossed

Regaliz - The original! 

The Regaliz half-circle makes a simple everyday bracelet with one thick strand of Regaliz leather. Or, create a statement cuff with multiple strands of other leathers! There's no limit to the variety of designs you can create with the large 10x6 opening.



Tania Rohlfs

Date 5/3/2021

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