Leather Grab Bags

 A “grab bag” of leather remnants! Each size is listed separately below-- your grab bag will contain only the size of leather selected.

This is your chance to get an assortment of colors and styles without the minimum that is usually required. This is a RANDOM ASSORTMENT of leather. The quantity and length of pieces will vary; the selection is entirely dependent upon what is in our off-cut bin at the time of purchase. All pieces will be at least 7". No refunds or exchanges. No color requests accepted.

The pricing is based on the cost of the plain leather. Bags containing patterned, stitched, crystal, or otherwise embellished leather may contain less than the amount described to account for the price difference.

  Also find our color coordinated mixed leather bundles available in 5mm and 10mm sizes.  This is a PREMIXED leather bundle of 5 monochromatic colors.  Each bundle includes 5 pieces of leather measuring 1 meter each.  The bundle will always be a harmonious mix of shades/colors in the named color scheme.  The colors look great mixed together!  Use multiple strips in a 10, 20mm or 30mm bracelet to create an ombré leather bracelet. 
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