Will you send samples?

We are no longer offering chain samples.
For metal findings and other jewelry pieces, we cannot send samples.

For leather, we may be able to include a small piece with an order. If there is a style/color that you are interested in, please make a note in the “comments” during checkout with the part number and we may be able to include it. This depends if we have an open spool. We cannot cut samples from items that are sold only in full spools.

You can always visit us at a show near you to see and feel products in person!

When will I get my order?

We ship out Monday through Friday. Orders placed before 1pm usually ship out the same day, unless there is a question or issue with something you ordered. If you select "contact" at checkout, your order may be delayed 24-48 hours while we attempt to contact you. Please make sure your email and phone number are correct to prevent any delays!
After shipment, it depends on the mail delivery method you selected at checkout. USPS services are NOT guaranteed, and can occasionally be delayed.

Do I have to order at least $100 for every order?

Yes, since we are a wholesale company, we do require a minimum of $100 per order. We will make exceptions if, for example, you just placed an order last week and forgot something. Just give us a call :)

Where are you located/Do you have a storefront?

Our office and warehouse are in Gulfport, FL. We do not have a storefront, but you are welcome to place an order online and come pick it up at our office. Please contact us.

Is there a further discount for large orders of an item?

We can offer bulk discount pricing on most items, for quantities of 200 - 500 pieces or more (it depends on the size and cost of the item). Please email [email protected] with specific part numbers and quantities you need. There is a non-refundable deposit for special bulk orders.

Can you tell me what to order / pick out items for me / tell me the best colors?

We can answer specific questions about how an item works, but it’s difficult for us to make design recommendations. That is entirely up to you, as you know your customers better than we would. Design trends vary wildly around the country! We can only say that neutral colors and classic designs always sell well!

Do you dropship?

We do not offer dropshipping, except as the occasional favor to long-term customers. We suggest that you have products in hand before selling them to customers.

Do you have photos available for me to use to resell your products?

Yep! We have a Google Drive with all our master image files available for you to use. They are a mix of large .png and .psd transparent files. The file name is the SKU and easily searchable. Email [email protected] for access and provide your website/where you will be using the images. Please be familiar with Google Drive and have an account already.

How much stock of X item do you have?

We do our best to keep all items in stock and ready to ship, but the amount of stock we hold depends on item popularity. Since we sell wholesale to a wide variety of retailers and designers, our stock is constantly fluctuating based on customer demand. Item availability is not guaranteed until your order is physically pulled from our warehouse, and we cannot guarantee specific stock availability for any item at any given time. In the event that an item is not in stock, we will backorder it for you and ship it as soon as it arrives to us.

If you have a deadline to meet or need a large quantity of a specific item, please contact us prior to placing the order. We may need to special order your quantity, or suggest a substitution if we do not have the amount you require for an immediate shipment. We carry a wide variety of leather and components, so we are usually able to offer substitutions if an item is needed immediately.

If you are a designer supplying a catalog or stores, we recommend ordering your materials as far in advance as possible and keeping your own inventory on hand for your designs. Due to circumstances beyond our control (manufacturing issues, shipping and customs delays, unexpected large orders), we cannot be responsible for backordered items that may impact your deadlines. We will always do our best to work with you to meet your deadlines, but we cannot work miracles! Quality production takes time, and customs clearance can be unpredictable.

I didn't receive everything I ordered / What is a backorder? / When will I receive my backordered items?

If an item is out of stock, you may choose to cancel it or have it backordered. We recommend backordering items if you will need it again in the future, as this guarantees stock is reserved for you!

- Backordered items ship FREE, you will not be charged a second shipping fee.
- We fill backorders as soon as the product arrives. You will receive a second shipping notification when the rest of your order ships.
- If you want to "add on" items to your backorder shipment, you will be charged additional shipping if it increases the weight of the package.
- A change in backorder policy for 2023: We will only hold backorders for products totaling $20 or more. We will cancel and refund the out-of-stock items and you can place them on your next order.

Out of stock items may take from 1 week to up to 8 weeks to restock. While we can estimate an arrival, we cannot guarantee our ship date until a shipment has physically arrived to us, since boxes can be lost or damaged during shipping.

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