Different Styles of Round Leather Cord

We carry a huge selection of wholesale round leather cord from all around the world.  Learn more about our round leather styles and what sets them apart.

Indian Leather

White Spool Indian 

What sets this leather apart from the other Indian Leather? Consistency, Vibrant Colors, Continuous Length, and Less Joins.  This leather is manufactured in India and cut from the core of high quality cow hide leather.  The joins are spliced, so they can be hidden in your designs or cut around. This Indian round leather is vegetable tanned and dyed using quality oil.  The coloring of this leather is a 5 part process - the cords are dipped in color, heat sealed, re-dyed, heat sealed and then finished off with two coats of lacquering. This process allows the color to really set into the leather, making it less likely to crack.  All of these leather cords are free of lead, AZO's, PCP, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Chromium VI, Cadmium and other harsh chemicals. 

Black Spool Indian 

Indian Leather Cord on Black Spools is available in plain, metallic and braided bolo styles.  This round leather cord is made in India and is available in multiple sizes (0.5mm - 8mm) and colors.  The factory uses high quality cowhide to produce this leather cord.  You'll find that this leather is a little more supple and softer than the white spool Indian leather - making it great for knotting.  The braided bolo leather is beautiful and is a cheaper alternative to our European or Italian braided leather cord.
The joins on our black spool Indian Leather are knotted, making them easy to spot and work around. You want to inspect your length of leather for knotted joins before making your design.
Indian Round Leather
Indian Round Leather

Indian Leather "New Spool"

This Indian manufacturer is the most recent addition to our catalog. They offer a supple and strong round leather with high tensile strength and minimal spliced joins.  This Indian leather is available in 1.5mm and 2mm sizes on 100 meter spools.  It is sourced from Buffalo leather hides and free of lead, AZO's, PCP, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Chromium VI, Cadmium and other harsh chemicals just like our original Indian Leathers.

We added this line to the mix for more color diversity and due to customer requests for bigger spools! These 100m spools are 4x the size of our original 25m spools.

European Leather

High quality leather cord made in the European Union from cowhide. All manufacturing is non-toxic and REACH compliant, ensuring a high quality leather for jewelry making. Designers use our Euro leather for all kinds of jewelry, craft, and art projects. It is a versatile and strong leather material that you will love working with! Most of these leather cords have a beautiful shiny finish.  Our Euro leather is available in 1.5mm - 5mm sizes and multiple colors. 

European Round Leather
Italian Round Leather

Italian Leather

Round Italian leather jewelry cord available in multiple colors and styles.  This high quality, cow hide Italian leather cord was vegetable tanned and dyed in Italy, and has a beautiful texture and distinctive look.  Italian leather cord is great for any jewelry project.  Our Italian braided round leather cord is available in 6mm - 8mm sizes; this high quality leather cord is perfect for unisex leather bracelets.  It's the most expensive round leather we carry, making it ideal for high end leather bracelets and necklaces. 

Premier Italian

Made from Italian cowhides, this round leather is premium quality. The sizing is a consistent 5mm round and the finish is smooth and glossy.  This leather cord was made from genuine cow hide.  It is sold per 3 meters or 20 meter factory spools.  This leather is available in 21 colors.  It has a natural finish.  If you're looking for a high quality matte leather cord, this one is for you.

Premier Italian Leather
Mediterranean Leather Cord

Mediterranean Leather

Mediterranean leather cord available in 2mm - 5mm sizes in plain and braided styles.  This leather cord is made from high quality cow hides.  The durability of the 2mm size make it great for knotting bracelets or sliding knot leather jewelry.  Our braided Mediterranean leather cord is available in 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm sizes; it is soft and a little more malleable than our European braided leather cord. 

Portuguese Leather

Portuguese 5mm round leather measures in at exactly 5mm, and the sizing and dye lots are more consistent between spools. The leather is smoother and more supple, providing a superior round leather experience. If you are looking for a high-end leather to use in your designs, this leather is for you!

Portuguese Leather Cord
Greek Round Leather Coils

Greek Leather

Gorgeous natural Greek leather cord is the best quality for all leather crafting. Made in Greece, this leather cord is supple and easy to work with, making it an easy pick for jewelry designers. It is vegetable tanned and dyed, providing a smooth, glossy finish that is consistent and reliable. The Greek leather joins are knotted throughout the spool instead of glued, so they are easy to work around.  Leather size, color, and feel can vary between spools. Leather is a natural product, and each hide reacts differently to the cutting and dying process. Size may vary up to +/-.3mm. Spools may contain joins.

Suede Leather

High quality round suede leather cord available in 3mm and 5mm sizes.  Our 3mm round suede cord sold per 10 feet or 25 meter spool.  This cord will soften over time, making it a favorite for leather necklaces.  Suede leather cord is often used to make men's necklaces, as it is soft around the neck and strong enough to hold large pendants.  3mm round suede can also be used to make color suede bracelets, unique leather earrings, and sliding knot necklaces.  Please note: The color of suede leather may differ slightly from spool to spool as the dye may react differently with each hide used.

Suede Round Leather Cord
Cancun Round Leather

Cancun Leather

5mm round Cancun leather has a soft, suede-like finish with a shiny patent pattern.  Our Cancun leather is made of a sheet of leather wrapped around a hollow rubber tube, so there is a seam on the underside of the leather.  This round leather is sold in 10 foot cuts, or in 20 meter (65.6 ft) spools. It is available in neutral colors (black, brown, beige) and vibrant colors including lime green and orange to make bold leather bracelets. 

Arizona Leather

5mm round Arizona leather is a soft, suede-like leather with a matte finish and beautiful stitching. It is made of a sheet of leather wrapped around a cotton core, with an overcast stitch running the length of the leather.  Arizona round leather is available in 14 beautiful colors.  This leather is great for men and women, a nice choice for unisex leather bracelets!  Since it is wrapped leather, we don't recommend bending it in designs. 

Arizona Stitched Round Leather
Round Python Leather Cord

Python Leather

Stunning genuine python leather cord measuring 5mm round for leather bracelets.  This leather cord is made in the EU from Vietnamese python hides.  This cord is made from genuine python skin wrapped around a layer of cotton with an inner hollow rubber tube.  Genuine python leather bracelets can retail anywhere from $50 - $250 depending on the brand.

Cork Cord

We carry two styles of round cork cord - stitched and braided.  Our 5mm round stitched cork cord is great for bracelets and necklaces.  The braided cork cord is made from strands of Portuguese cork braided around a rubber tube. The hollow interior means you can use it with memory wire!

If you're looking for an alternative to leather, cork is a great option.  It's vegan, lightweight, and has a natural look.

Cork Round Cord

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