Do you need a chain that you just can't seem to find anywhere? Perhaps you need a more reliable chain supplier, or are looking for better pricing. Or maybe you are intrigued by our wide variety of chain finish colors and want to see what we can do for you! Whatever the reason, we are delighted to make your jewelry design dreams come true by sourcing unique chains just for you.

For all custom and special order chains, please contact our sales manager Graham ([email protected]) directly and he will work with you through the entire process!

Minimum Orders for Custom or Special Order Chain
It depends on the size and price of the chain, but typically we are able to special order chain per factory spool (10-100 meters).

Custom Chain Plating Colors
Any of our styles can be plated in all 16 of our house chain color options - you can see all of them here. If you want one of our chains in a color not listed on our website, it's not a problem, we can get any plating color on any of our chains.

Custom Chain Plating Thickness
Any color and style can be ordered with special extra thick 1 micron (40 mils) plating. It is a more expensive and more durable option for higher-end jewelry.

Dark or Light Antiquing
The antiqued chains (silver, brass, copper) can be special ordered with a lighter or darker antique coat than our typical "medium" antiquing.

Sourcing New Chains
Send us a picture or extremely detailed description of the chain(s) you are looking for and we will source options! Then you can select the perfect chain for your product.
Please note, we do not replicate or fabricate from scratch. The available options for your custom chain will be sourced from the thousands of wire/chain link combinations we can achieve with our factory.

Turnaround Time
Covid-19 has caused difficulties in predicting the production/arrival of shipments across all industries. Please let us know your deadlines upfront so we can make sure to meet them. The timing from ordering to receiving will depend on many factors (sample approval, difficulty of chain style to produce, type of plating, holidays, customs/shipping delays, etc) so we won't have an estimate until we can assess your entire unique order!

We do not automatically add custom chains to our online catalog, but may decide to stock them if we think other customers will like them. Please let us know if you require exclusivity on your specific style of custom chain and we will discuss the options.

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