Farm-raised Crocodile Leather

This is the center strip of the hide.  Shipping restrictions: We can only ship this item within the US, excluding California. The buyer is responsible for following all of their own local laws regarding the sale of crocodile. You will be prompted to confirm that you agree to these terms before you can add any crocodile to your shopping cart.

This genuine crocodile leather makes a real statement! The underside is soft, raw crocodile hide (it is not completely smooth like the rest of our leather strips). The strips vary in texture and size.

You can make a bracelet with this using our magnetic clasps, but you will have to trim and shape the leather. The strips can be cut down the center to separate the "scales" into a single thinner strip. You can use a variety of clasps from 15mm - 40mm depending on the strip and how you want to cut it. We recommend you have an intermediate to advanced understanding of leather before ordering this product.