Earring Ideas

Posted by Emily on 12/18/2020 to Samples and Ideas
Earring Ideas
In my opinion, earrings don't get enough love in the jewelry making community! In this post we'll look at some examples of simple every day earrings that are easy to make and easy on the wallet.

Earring Back + Charm

Looking for the easiest earring? Pick an earring back and use a jump ring to add a charm or ring! Simple and stylish, and a great "add-on" item for your jewelry catalog.



A little outside of the box, a button makes a great base for an earring. Use a jump ring and earring back at the top half of the button, and attach a bit of dangling chain or another charm at the bottom.


Earring Specific

Little winged beads and fan links from TierraCast give you the start needed for a unique earring! Use any beads or bits of chain in your stash to complete the look.


Rings and Things

String beads and charms along a wire ring. You can bend the ring yourself, or use a pre-made one that opens and closes with a clever hook hidden in the wrapped top.

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