Paired Sliders

Posted by Emily on 12/17/2020 to Samples and Ideas
Paired Sliders
We stock many sizes and styles of leather sliders designed to coordinate together! They feature interlocking shapes or coordinating patterns that create sophisticated designs.

Circles and Bowties

Some of our original styles, still going strong! The rounded sides of these sliders fit together and have complimentary hammered and plain surfaces.

Wide Dot Spacers

These small spacers make a big punch when used to spread apart leather or hold it in place for crossing lines.

Interlocking Circles and Triangles

These sliders must be fit together before you slide the leather through. Try mixing the metals!

Heart and Triangle Pairs

Open framed spacers create an airy feel. Flip them back and forth for a nice repeating pattern.

Square Patterns

These little squares can be combined for a mosaic effect

Spanish Tile Sliders

We love these adorable shapes that fit together to create tile-inspired patterns!

Multi-Strand Bars

Available as 2, 3, and 4 strand sliders. Can be lined up to make a geometric pattern.

Double Geometric Sliders

One of my personal favorite patterns involved a few of these lined up in mixed metals! The silver pieces in the below example are both L-BAR-615. You can reverse the slider for the full X shape, or just use the pointy bits to interlock with the double diamonds L-BAR-616.

Wide Wavy Spacer Bars

These long thin double and triple strand bars can be used flat side up or down. The other side is a smooth wavy shape. Weaving leather through and around a series of these bars creates a stunning cuff bracelet.

Heart Beads

A versatile round bead fits perfectly in this heart shape. Mix the metals for a fun look!

Dot Bars

In both 10mm and 20mm, these simple and elegant dotted bar sliders can be combined to make an infinite number of seamless patterns.

Floating Squiggles

These are such a fun and unique design element to create a dainty yet impactful bracelet. Very artistic and perfect for your customers who like a bit of whimsy or edgy, depending on what kind of leather you pair it with and how many you stack together!!

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