Mixed Metals

Posted by Emily on 12/18/2020 to Samples and Ideas
Mixed Metals
I personally LOVE making designs with mixed metals! They can be bold statement pieces or simple little accessories, but either way they help blend other jewelry and accessories together in an outfit. For those who just can't make up their mind about what metal they prefer, mixed metal designs are the answer! Layer on the beads and sliders in all different sizes and textures to emphasize the metal mixture.

Pile. It. On.

Can't decide on a design? Mix all your beads together and start stringing! This necklace design makes use of jump rings, sliders, and connector ends with round braided leather.

Small but not Simple

Thin leather cord is piled with TierraCast beads and components.


The New Everyday

Several customers have now used this design in their own lines - chic and minimalist, the perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe. Any size leather with a row of thin metal sliders in alternating colors will create the same great look!


Paired Sliders + Mixed Metals = Messy Perfection

If you're not into the "randomness" of some mixed metal designs: pick coordinating sliders, designed to fit together, and switch up the colors. The result is a design that feels high-end and purposely crafted.
Click here to read a whole blog post about paired sliders, with links at the bottom to shop.




Laura Emmett
Date: 6/13/2021
Do you instructions or product list needed for these?
Bonnie Layton
Date: 8/5/2021
Patricia Turschman
Date: 12/23/2021
Looking for the correct components on mixed metals bracelet?

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