Leather Quantities and Pricing

We used to have two separate product listings for each leather - a cut, and a spool. We have combined these into one product listing. The product displays the price per meter, and the bulk discount when ordering a spool quantity.

By displaying all of the leathers with a price per meter, it will help you compare prices across different styles and sizes! The bulk price listed per meter will also help you see how much you save.

Keep in mind, leathers like our 5mm flat are still sold in increments of 5 meters. So you will see the price per meter, and you can add it to your cart by 5 (10, 15, 20, etc). You will notice the total price calculates to the same as the old 5 meter listing. Once you hit the spool size, 20 meters, the price goes down! Yay! This also means if you need 25 meters for a project, you will get 1 spool and a 5 meter cut, but you will pay the lower price for all 25 meters.

Additionally, having just one listing makes for easier browsing. There are less products to scroll through, so it should be much easier to find what you're looking for!

Overall, consolidating the leather listings will make it easier to compare products and order the right quantities at the best prices. It also helps us track inventory and edit your invoices. Win-win! We are sorry if this causes any initial confusion, but we're sure everyone will get used to it quickly :) Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us!!

Please note: there may be some technical hiccups with the product listings if you had items sitting in your cart for a while. No worries, the prices will come through correctly! If something looks funny on your order we will sort it out on your invoice.