Leather Earring Ideas

Posted by Emily on 12/18/2020 to Samples and Ideas
Leather Earring Ideas
Both flat and round leather can be combined with other elements to make earrings of all styles. From chic to whimsical, try using your extra bits of leather to see what earrings you can come up with!

In the Loop

Use a strip of leather to make a loop by threading a jump ring through small holes at either end. You can fold it for a flat loop or overlap them for a teardrop shape. Short or long, you can hang beads or other components from the bottom.



Use rivets to attach a strand of leather around a jump ring. You can cut the ends at an angle, or add an end cap to cover it.

Organic Shapes

Use multiple strands or punch multiple holes to create unique shapes just by threading leather through a jump ring or headpin.


End Caps and Looped Leather

Use a loop of leather secured with an end cap, and add any sort of beaded decoration you like!


Fringed Leather

Glue in a strip of fringed leather or make your own fringe with multiple pieces of suede. Use any flat end cap with loop for this look.

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