Holiday Craft Markets: Inspiration for Booth Set Ups!

Posted by Kristin on 12/12/2018 to Tips for Your Jewelry Business
Holiday Craft Markets: Inspiration for Booth Set Ups!
It's Holiday Market Season! If you sell jewelry (or other crafts) at flea markets and craft markets, get inspired with these simple DIY booth decorations!

You can easily spice up your booth or table space with christmas lights, garlands, and easy DIY holiday decor.  The warm lights make your booth more inviting and will instantly attract customers. 

Most of this inspiration comes from booth set ups shared on Pinterest.

If you have lanterns like the ones pictured just add some christmas ornaments to it! Wrap up boxes with paper and ribbons from the dollar store to recreate the gift decor on the bottom! You can place them right outside your booth or make smaller ones to add to your tables.

This would be a great backdrop to add to a booth.  A branch, twine or string, and ornaments! Simple.

This could be a fun addition to your table.  Clear vases, string lights, ornaments or pine cones! 

LOVE this idea! Purchase a shadow box (Michaels, Amazon, & other craft stores should have them) and add ornaments, pine cones, lights, burlap or more. Use stickers or paint to add a saying or your company name.

Cheap and easy decor.  With materials you can find at a discount store.  String, burlap and ribbon.  Simply knot the ribbons around a piece of string and hang around your booth or on the edge of your table.

How cute! Use wine glasses and ornaments to recreate! I love the idea of skipping the candles and using the the base of the wine glass to display bracelets or other products. 

A cute backdrop for your tent using sticks, string, ornaments, and lights.

Don't forget about gift wrapping at Holiday Markets! Typically customers are shopping for friends or family members, why not offer adorable gift wrapping options to make their purchase even more memorable.  This can include simple paper, strings, stamps or stickers.  

Spray paint mason jars with color of your choice & add poinsettias, plants, or pine cones. 

Red or shear curtains with string lights.  Use as a backdrop for your booth OR as table cloths!

Use chalkboards to write christmas sayings, promote your website or social media pages (i.e. "follow me on Instagram @..."), or list your product prices! 

Most of these ideas and inspiration can be used for all seasons! Just add different colors, lights, or seasonal decor to change it up a bit. 

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