Men's Leather Jewelry Designs

Posted by Emily on 6/4/2020 to Samples and Ideas
Men's Leather Jewelry Designs

Neutral Colors

Most men's jewelry is black, brown, tan, or natural undyed leather. You also occasionally see other earthy colors, like evergreen and brick red. To make it easy, just create two or three basic men's designs and offer each in a black and medium brown version. You can add more colors depending on feedback from your specific clientele.

Black + Silver

Metal clasps for men's leather bracelets are usually sterling silver or gunmetal. A black bracelet with a black clasp offers a very sleek and minimalist look. This pairs well with a watch and is a great gift for a guy who doesn't normally wear bracelets.  

Braided Leather

Both flat and round leather can be purchased already woven in a braid of 3 or more strands. While braided leather can be used in all sorts of jewelry designs, it is especially popular as a simple bracelet for men. It's an unobtrusive and easy design that offers more visual interest than a plain leather band.

Keep it Simple

While we love the look of multiple beads and sliders on a bracelet, that much bling may be intimidating for a guy who doesn't often wear bracelets! One large statement slider is perfect for a masculine bracelet. You can also use three small sliders, preferably all the same style, to create a simple pattern.

Leather Thickness

Thicker leathers, like our Regaliz and Mini Regaliz, are perfect for a single men's bracelet. Just like with watches, women's styles can vary from chunky to dainty, but with men's jewelry we typically see statement bracelets on the thicker side. When using a smaller leather, like 5mm flat, make it a wrap with three or more passes around the wrist. A single statement slider in the center of a wrap bracelet is an easy yet eye-catching design. 


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Barrie French
Date: 2/1/2021
What braided leather did you use on the 5mm double tire tread slider? I didn’t see any braided leather that was 5mm and it also looks like there is 2 strands of the braided leather on the bracelet. Thanks you, Barrie

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