Custom Products

We are excited to work with you on your custom jewelry project! Please read below for more information about the types of custom work we can do, then contact us with a detailed description of your design. We will need dimensions, reference photos, and any other information that can help us produce your design. Please, serious inquires only - custom work requires time and a nonrefundable upfront deposit.

Custom Leather Products

We offer a variety of customizable leather, with your designs or logos exclusive to you. We work directly with a team of artisans in Europe who can bring your vision to life!

Laser leather shapes
Minimum order: 10 pieces per shape and color
Any shape can be laser cut, with the details laser etched. These make great tags for purses, custom keychains, custom leather pendants, custom leather earrings, or anything else you can think of!

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Printed Leather
Minimum order: 10 strips per design and color
Any size of our leather can be printed with a repeating design, or a custom phrase or logo. For widths 5mm - 10mm, these can come as pre-cut strips to your specific size needs. For wider leather the strips can be cut up to 3 feet long. The printed text leather makes great quote bracelets or prayer bracelets, or print your logo for a custom branded leather bracelet. This can be combined with laser cutting to make settings for tie bracelets, for example.

Pleaes note that the laser printing process makes the leather a little stiffer than the regular plain leather.

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Engraved Leather
Minimum order: contact for quote
This style uses a custom made metal die that rolls along the leather and imprints it with your phrase or logo. This  makes a truly unique and high quality leather. There is an initial mold fee to create the metal die.
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Cut out strips
Minimum order: 10 strips per design and color
Leather strips can be laser cut in any design pattern. These can be used for laser cut leather chokers, laser cut leather bracelets, laser cut leather belts, or for the most unique leather hat bands! It can also be pre-cut into a bracelet shape. See our Lasered Leather category for more examples of this style.

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Photo Printed Leather
Minimum order: 20 meter spool per design
This type of full color printing is done on the leather hide before the cord is cut, so the design will vary along the cord. It is not recommended for text, logos, or other designs that need specific scaling/dimensions. Repeating background style images will work best. You can customize the color edging along the leather. This can be cut in any size from 3mm to 10mm.

See our 5mm and 10mm Euro-printed leather categories for more examples!

Custom Metal Clasps and Sliders

Cast custom logo clasps
Minimum order: 1000 pieces (finish colors can be mixed), depending on the item. There is a one-time design and mold fee. After the initial order, smaller quantities can be ordered for restocking.
We can add your custom logo to some of our clasps. Please note this is not simple laser engraving - this is a custom mold designed specifically for you, with your logo inset into the metal. We have supplied designers with many custom clasps that are sold in department stores, resorts, and catalogs. Creating a custom clasp is a wonderful way to enhance your jewelry brand.

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Completely custom pieces
Minimum order: 1000 pieces (finish colors can be mixed), depending on the item. There is a one-time design and mold fee. After the initial order, smaller quantities can be ordered for restocking.
If you have a design idea in mind, we can create a custom leather slider or customer leather clasp in any dimension. You can add your word, phrase, or logo design to a rectangular slider for an easy custom design.

Design mock up to completed product!
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Custom plating
Minimum order: 500 - 1000 pieces per design per plating type, depending on item size
Some of our items can be custom plated to your specifications, with a thicker plating suitable for high end luxury jewelry. We can also cast some of our items in solid sterling silver (though please note this is incredibly expensive)! If you wish, you can also order most of our items raw without the final plating. Then you can plate our items to your specifications at your local plating factory.

Custom printed metal
Minimum order: 500 pieces per design per item, depending on item size
This process is similar to screen printing. We can add words or images to a plain slider or metal clasp, in full color or black texture. The black can be printed straight on the metal with no background. We have successfully made custom printed logo clasps for a few customers with great results - they look very good and the printing is durable. Please understand we cannot display those samples per customer request, but we have some similar items pictured below.

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Custom Chain

If there is a style of chain you are looking for, feel free to send us a photo or sample and we will see if we can source it for you!

We are also able to do different finishes for our chains. If you don't see the finish you want available online, we can custom order a factory spool for you. We can also do a thicker plating on any of our chains, suitable for high end luxury jewelry.

For all custom inquiries, please email with as many details as possible!

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE. We do a lot of consultation on custom work and we ask you to please be willing to commit to a purchase at the end of the planning period.

  • Your timeline (please note custom work takes a minimum of 6 weeks)
  • Sketches and/or reference images
  • Desired dimensions
  • Type of product (e.g. 10mm flat slider, 5mm round magnetic clasp, etc.)
  • Initial order quantity and finish colors
  • Any other relevant information
We will get back to you as soon as possible to get the process started!