Chain and Leather Jewelry Ideas

Posted by Emily on 12/16/2020 to Samples and Ideas

Chain and leather can be woven or attached in many ways. Just by playing with weaving leather through chain, you can create some stunning designs!

Dangle Chain 3mm Bracelet

This bracelet was made just by inserting 3mm flat leather through the ends of several rectangular chain pieces. The varied length gives it a fun tassel look, and the free dangling chain creates movement.

Scrunched Chain Bracelet

Another easy bracelet with a stunning effect. The leather has been threaded through each link. This bracelet was made with 3 strands of chain about 5 inches long.

Fishbone Chain on Leather

A statement chain can be laid across a plain leather bracelet, and attached with leather or rivets through a hole. Make sure to account for the bend in the leather when cutting the chain and marking your attachment points.

Notes from the designer: Cut 7 inches of 10mm flat black leather.  Cut approximately 2.5" of the fishbone chain using chain cutters.  Place the chain on the black leather and center it. Mark a spot on the leather to punch using a sharpie or simply by pressing on the leather using a needle or sharp point.  Punch a hole in the leather using a rivet or leather puncher.  Attach the chain to the leather using wax cord or thin leather cord and tie a knot in the back.  Secure with glue.  To cover up the knot and for extra comfort, we glued a piece of 4mm flat suede on the back of this bracelet using Loctite.  Add magnetic clasp to finish it off.

Chainmail Choker

A quick way to elevate a chain choker - thread small round leather through the links and attach crimp clasps to the leather.

Leather and Chain Earrings

Using jump rings or a large link chain, thread short strands of chain onto a looped piece of leather.

Chain and Deerskin Bracelet

Use a deerskin lace or other leather to frame a short length of chain. What a great way to use up short scraps of chain and leather! Leather can be wire wrapped or riveted to make the loop around the chain ends.

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