Stock & Quantities on Hand

We are the direct importers of the products on our website. We do our best to keep all items in stock and ready to ship, but the amount of stock we hold depends on item popularity. Since we sell wholesale to a wide variety of retailers and designers, our stock is constantly fluctuating based on customer demand. Please know that item availability is not guaranteed until your order is physically pulled from our warehouse, and we cannot guarantee specific stock availability for any item at any given time. In the event that an item is not in stock, we will backorder it for you and ship it as soon as it arrives to us.

If you have a deadline to meet or need a large quantity of a specific item, please contact us prior to placing the order. We may need to special order your quantity, or suggest a substitution if we do not have the amount you require for an immediate shipment. We carry a wide variety of leather and components, so we are usually able to offer substitutions if an item is needed immediately.

If you are a designer supplying a catalog or stores, we recommend ordering your materials as far in advance as possible and keeping your own inventory on hand for your designs. Due to circumstances beyond our control (manufacturing issues, shipping and customs delays, unexpected large orders), we cannot be responsible for backordered items that may impact your deadlines. We will always do our best to work with you to meet your deadlines, but we cannot work miracles! Quality production takes time, and customs clearance can be unpredictable.


If an item is out of stock, you may choose to cancel it or have it backordered. We recommend backordering items if you will need it again in the future, as this guarantees stock is reserved for you! Backordered items ship FREE, you will not be charged a second shipping fee.

When we receive shipments, we first fulfill all backorders for that item. If an item is extremely popular and our shipment was short, filling the backorders may use up all the stock from that shipment! That is why we recommend backordering an item, and not waiting to order it.

Out of stock items may take anywhere from 1 week to up to 8 weeks to restock. While we can estimate an arrival, we cannot guarantee a ship date until a shipment has physically arrived to us, since boxes can be lost or damaged during shipping to us.

Please note that we DO NOT hold backorders during free shipping promotions. If an order with free shipping contains out of stock items, we will cancel the unavailable items and refund you for them. We ask you to please place the items you may need on your next regular order.