Flat Lycra Ribbon

The lycra ribbon is a great addition to your leather jewelry collections, as it works with all of the same metal sliders and beads! Lycra is very stretchy, and it comes as a flat 30mm ribbon. Cut a piece, stretch it out, and it curls into a thicker piece about 5mm wide. The ribbon retains its stretchiness after it has been curled, so you can simply knot the ends for a slip-on bracelet.

The ribbon gains about 30% in length after stretching, and the curled length can be stretched up to twice its length. For example, if you cut a 10" piece, the resting length will be 13" after stretching, and can further stretch up to 26".

You can use most of the metal sliders and beads for leather with lycra. Try the lycra with your current stock of metal components and see what you can do!

General fit guide:
1 strand - 5mm flat
2 strands - 10mm flat, 5mm round
3-4 strands - 20mm flat, Regaliz
4-5 strands - 10mm round