Suede Leather 5mm

Shop 5mm round suede leather, perfect for soft leather bracelets! Our 5mm round suede is made in the European Union and has a matte finish.  This leather is super soft to the touch!  Like most leather, especially suede, we recommend not getting this wet or showering with it as it will ruin the material.  Also, please be extra careful when gluing this leather to a clasp, as any leakage of glue will obviously show on the leather.  This is real suede leather wrapped around a hollow rubber core - use with a 5mm round clasp or with memory wire and 5mm round end caps.  This suede is a little thicker than our normal round leather and will not fit all of our 5mm round beads and clasps.  It works well with L-MAG5-9 and L-MAG5-19.
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