Flat Leather & Components

Regaliz® Flat Leather and Components

Our flat leather comes in a multitude of different styles and sizes. The Regaliz® flat leather offers a complete bracelet system featuring high quality European leather and metal components that you can mix and match to form an infinite number of style combinations.

The leather is a comes in a strip that is about 2mm tall, in widths of 5mm, 10mm, and 20mm. The plain leather is cowhide that is colored with vegetable-based dyes. We now offer a variety of designer "wrapped" leathers as well, which feature a cotton core wrapped with leather in different finishes. Or take a look at our flashy bling and glitter leathers-- there's a leather style to suit every taste!

To make your bracelets, choose from a mix of metal sliders and rubber o-rings to create a design. The pieces slide right on to the leather. Then, finish the ends with a clasp-- we have a wide variety of closures to meet your preferences. There are a ton of one-step "connector" clasps as well, that offer a quick bracelet design with the clasp as the focal piece. You will have a beautiful customized bracelet in just a couple of minutes!

Below you will find everything you need to get started. Don't forget a pair of cutters and some glue!