What can't you do with tassels?

They are the perfect ornament to any fashion piece: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, purses, key chains. They can seriously spice up anything.  We sell wholesale chain and cotton tassels, available in multiple colors and sizes. 

Our tiny cotton tassels are adorable and available in bright, vibrant colors!  For a bohemian look, mix the bright colored 18mm cotton tassels with neutral wooden beads or colorful miracle beads to make a necklace.  You can transform a simple beaded bracelet by adding a couple tiny tassels to the bracelet clasp.  Try adding multiple 12mm tassels to dangle or hoop earrings to instantly add some color.

Use our chain tassels for a more classic, elegant look.  Our chain tassels are sold per piece and are available in stunning, shiny finishes including gold, gunmetal, antique copper, silver, and more!  Use as a focal piece in a necklace or buy two and create dangle tassel earrings. 

Our leather fringe tassels are made from the highest quality cowhide and are very soft and easy to work with.  They are sold in 1 foot strips, making them customizable.  Simply cut desired amount, roll, and glue into an end cap of your choice. They look great as a center piece on suede or chain necklaces!